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About Me

It was during my second year in college that I tasted champagne for the first time in my life such was its influence that I never stopped ever since. 

I happen to be a student of Hotel Management and the credit of having introduced champagne to me goes to my F&B (Food & Beverage) instructor who not just went to great lengths to explain how this exquisite beverage is created but also how it should be tasted so as to derive optimum satisfaction. Such was my fascination for this sparkling wine that his words stayed with me long after the theory and tasting sessions were over, thus inspiring me to try out the different types whenever an opportunity arose. My love for champagne may have started as an infatuation but it soon blossomed into a full-fledged affair which has continued unabated till this day. 

Along the way, I have had numerous opportunities to sample different varieties of this beverage and all I can say is that the journey till now has been incredible and delightful - incredible owing to the range of choice available in this category and delightful owing to the surprise element that comes with each session. Over the years I have garnered some valuable experience in this niche and it is with the intention of sharing these that I decided to create this website. 

Much of this website is dedicated towards the goodness of champagne in terms of types, its impact on health and interesting facts pertaining to it. In case you have been wondering about tasting sessions, it is an aspect that I have deliberately not touched upon given its varying parameters. Now there is only more step left to culminate my fascination and it entails visiting the Champagne County in France and experiencing firsthand everything that I have read about it all these years. 

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