Champagne Reviews

Which sparkle do you choose?

Non-Vintage Champagne

'Basic' is the term that best describes a non-vintage champagne but this in no way bears an adverse impact on the style factor that this beverage is associated with. Champagne contained within the bottle is categorized as being non-vintage if it has been derived from grapes harvested during different years as opposed to a single season. 

Although not as prestigious as its vintage counterpart, non-vintage champagne does have its own distinct advanatges. To begin with, it offers a variety of delightful blends, many of which are an outcome of the blenders' creativity. Owing to its duration for maturing being relatively much shorter than that of a vintage champagne, it is always in supply and as a result, is lesser priced too. 

For any host, non-vintage champagne is truly a savior due to its ready availability which implies that all you need to is select a flavor and a bottle is in its position to be picked up. It is cost effective and yet vivacious enought to set the ball rolling for the evening, thus proving that a lower price tag is definitely not indicative of a compromise on class and style. 

Last but not the least is the variety of flavors and fruity blends that non-vintage champagne includes and this in turn translates into your special evening bearing an interesting sparkle that your guests are likely to remember for many long years to come.    

Vintage Champagne

Certain occasions call for a truly classic celebration and what could define your style quoteint stronger than a bottle of vintage champagne? 

In a wine-maker's life, not every year is same as regards output of cultivation and while an average produce is well-utilized to produce a series of non-vintage blends, an year with good produce definitely needs to be acknowledged. As a gesture of appreciation, the bumper harvest of grapes is not mixed with any other variety but sheared, mashed, fermented and matured on its own to produce champagne that bears a distinct trademark. Deep, full and smooth, this champagne is a signature of a particular year and hence is referred to as a vintage. 

Owing to the exceptional quality of grapes, wine producers are extremely fastidious while handling vintage which accounts for its superior quality. Having been matured for at least three to four years, this variety of champagne makes an occasional appearance and hence is an ideal choice for occasions that come only once in a while. 

Of course, vintage champage does belong to the higher end of the price spectrum but then it is not always that you have an occasion on your hands that calls for a special sparkle.